Monday, May 24, 2010

Black Ghost Knifefish lighting?

My BGK doesn't like to come out when the 24" Flourescant Light Bulb is on, only off. When it's on, he goes into my fake coral. I have a homemade Ghost House out for him. He does come out when the light is on at night, though. Any way I can encourage him to come out more often?
Either find a light with less visible output or give some extra cover. A gohst house IS your best bet in most tanks, but giving more shade and places to hide generally makes fish feel more comfortable and prone to comming out in the open.
burn the coral, or take it out
I use to have a black ghost and I spent 7 dollars and bought him a "glass ghost house" its a clear plastic tube he stayed in during the day. When I first got mine he didnt come out during the day he often came out at night. Is your tank in direct sunlight maybe he doesnt like the light. They need places to hide they are reclusive fish. If youve ever read up on them and I did prior to purchase they are mainly a nocturunal fish.

Black blood parrot cichlid?

I think the sales clerk lied to me! I just bought a "blood parrot" from petsmart. But this fish is ALL black. She said that it would turn red as it gets bigger. I've seen a lot of baby blood parrots and none of them were black. Some had black spots but none were all black.
I just want to find some information about this fish. Anyone have any idea what it could be? It looks like a parrot fish, about 3 inches long, and is all black.
Thanks for your help!
All black parrots are not that uncommon. They will change color as they grow, but they can vary in their colors, since they are a hybrid, and several different species have influence in the mix. Usually the darker ones are the ones that get really pretty, and have alot of resemblance to synspillums. Feed a high quality food like New Life Spectrum, and you will see some serious colors appear in the next year.
That would be rare indeed, but not impossible. If you can take a photo of the fish and post a link that would help so very much.
Feel free to email me if you need help posting the picture or help with the fish.
sorry it is too difficult to understand
its a baby that hasnt changed colors yet, i promise!
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Bird found dead on patio?

What kind of a bird is small and grayish in color . Almost a neon yellow center / sides. It was found dead , upside down on a patio. Seems like a strange way for a bird to die ?
It probably died after hitting a window. Place some bird warning stickers on the windows so the birds won't fly into it. Some of the stickers are basically clear so you waon't have to worry about aesthetics. It sounds like a finch.
Maybe it flew into a window..?

sorry don't know the kind.
He probably flew into your glass door! Don't worry - it was a quick death!
Got patio doors?? Check out the glass when the sun is shining on them - I've had a few birds fly into mine and just seem to drop dead on the patio. I think they crash into the glass and literally die of the shock.
collision with window. Happens all the time.
id call your local police station/animal control and tell them to take the bird, it could have the avian bird flu so stay away from it.
Sounds like a yellow finch.
Most animals are belly up at death, not sure why.
A cat may have killed it, or maybe it broke its neck flying into a window.
birds die everyday by various mean: starvation, predation, accidents (flying into a glass window), etc...
post a pic of the dead bird and then ask Y!A for identification.
He probably flew into the glass door.
Stop using windex.
Awwwwwwww how sad =(. Maybe a canary they can be green and yelowish
Don't know what kind of bird it is, but birds die all the time. It could have died of old age, being stung by a nasty critter, killed by another bird, mauled by another animal (cat, dog...), crashed into something, died of dehydration, died of a disease...etc.
Patio door or window...It happens...they fly right into it.
As far as what kind...You can look up your area and see what your wildlife is around your area. You can also look up yahoo photo images and see photos...Hard to tell you with the little info included.
he flew into the window/door prob.;...
almost sounds like a male finch. may have flown into a window--lots of birds die that way. may want to put decals or maybe tape some papers to the window so they can see it
sorry to say, but how about asking that in the bird section?
you're in the fish section

It sounds like a goldfinch from your description. It could have bonked into the glass of a window or maybe a cat got it and left it for dead. You never know, it could have been diseased so dispose of it promptly, avoiding touching it.
It probably flew into your window. My grandmother used to have super-clean windows and birds would fly into them daily. Some would be fine, others would kill themselves. With regards to your bird, I have no idea what kind of bird it is.
It most likly flew into a window and broke its neck and fell to the ground on its back.
As for what kind? you could do a google search of birds in the area in which you live.
I don't know what kind of bird it is, but I'd contact your local health department. Birds (especially dead ones) can spread diseases like West Nile. It's better to let the professionals handle it.
Sounds like a goldfinch, maybe a cat got it and was chased of or as others have suggested it could have flown into the window.
Sounds like a finch. And it's not at all unusual, it struck a pane of glass, broke it's neck, and fell backwards, dying immediately. Unfortunately it happens quite often.
The bird could be a sparrow. Probably flew into the window, and broke its neck. That happens fairly often....this is not bird flu, stupid people always think the worst.
It could be a yellow winged tanager. Here is a picture of one.
It fainted when it saw your door.

Bio-Wheel Filter Questions?

Hi there,
I was just wanting to know what would be a good bio-wheel filter for a 55-Gallon aquarium? I am planning on having a moderatly planted aquarium with 2-3 in. of substrate, rocks and d-wood, and small community fish (tropical). Would it be okay to put 2 smaller bio-wheels on each end of the aquarium or will that cause to much turbulence thus releasing all of my CO2? Also, has anyone ever tried putting some of those bio-balls in the back of a bio-wheel filter? Just wondering if it would even work.
Giving me name brands would be appreciated!
I know I've been asking alot of questions lately but no, I am not a novice that will be spending $400 on something I'll stick with for a! I have always had aquariums...right now I have three 10-G, two 20-G, and a 29-G. I just wanna make sure I do my 55 right. The others were all trial and error.
Hi, Yes that will work fine. I did the same thing in a 50 Gal. and Plants grew Fish Multiplied and had cover for hatches..%26#92;
as for Bio Balls, I never used them...
I Use Marineland Brands Completely! best Choice you can make Also use underwater heater, as the Turbulence is faster.
A good thing to remember when starting any tank is to let it run completely set up, excluding fishes, for 24-48 hrs, check the pH and temp, and make adjustments.
Add Chems, and then add each species of fish separately, and over time use the Bacterial Vac it is a tube that you use without any motor I can explain this more if you need.
I use the vac weekly but only on the settings IE plants Rocks Shells, etc..
Best Wishes on your Fishes and I think you will enjoy it more, if you will use your 20 Gal and hatchery tanks to proliferate your New Tank, and always ask your pet Store about the Community acceptance of different species.. Go Wild, Have fun...Fish are Cool
I would reconsider the bio wheel filter and get the Aquaclear 110 instead. The sponge is reusable, you can put about 10x more carbon into them, they come with bio-rocks, and you can adjust the flow to keep it from sucking up all the food. The Aquaclear 110 also flows more water than any Marineland HOTB filter too.
I would go with a marine-land bio-wheel loaded with matrix. Matrix is a high-tech version of bio balls, but much smaller ith more surface area for nitrification.

Biorb tank?

Im thinking of buying a Biorb tank. Can anyone tell me if they have a noisy pump.
don't. they are too small, not very good for the fish and due to the shape they distort the view. a good oldfashioned tank with a good filter and lights is much better.
I don't know what you mean.
Biorbs are pretty and fancy-looking, but they are overpriced and too small for anything other than a betta. Take that same amount of money and put it into a larger tank that will give you more enjoyment for the money.
Yeah not a very good choice for the reasons mentioned above. If you are looking for an eay all in one setup for the same $200 you should get a biocube or nano cube they come in a few sizes with lighting built in and everything.

Biggest known arowana?

what is the biggest known arowana to ever live in a tank.
how large do they get in the tank?
ive been told 3 feet, is that going easy about it. or do they actually get bigger in tanks
Tank kept ones Chris are usually 3 feet sometimes a little bit more. But that does also depend on spacing. I am full well sure say you had a massive 1000 gallon tank, you kept the water quality perfect, you'd get it to grow out a full 48 inches. But in practicality for answers, how many typical home tank keepers would have a set up over a 150? If I were betting I'd say your typical max home tank is about 55-75 gallons simply because families with children have too much of thier floor space and budget already tied up. I'd go and research to see if there is record tank kept one if you want. I'll also give you a few other links that will support the length estimates of tank kept ones too.
Give you an idea on Arowana. There is a clip on You Watch TV, that shows an Asian Arowana pair that actually spawned in a tank. That is a very rare occurance to be honest. I am sure that tank must have been at least 500 gallons. I'll let you know what I find in a follow up.
Chris the simple facts here are this. Bigger fish as with most bigger tropicals don't reach thier full potential simply because the enviroment in a tank is not the same as a river or lake. Very rarely do you see tank kept fish, that are considered monster or tank busters reaching the same size as they do in the wild. If you ask around to other Arowana keepers, you're told get this or that on tank sizes. I've even seen someone say you need 700 gallons to keep them and thats just absurd. There is a clear difference between breeding and keeping and sometimes people just need to realize that you can't compare and apple and orange simply because they are a fruit. The facts of the matter is this, your tank at 250 gallons is not going to stunt your fish no matter what some online id posts on a link. I can tell you from having kept several that a 250 will be fine, and the day one of mine die from "stunting" or abusive care, I'll make sure to write you out an apology letter for misleading you lol. Your call who you want to listen to is the way I see it. If you want to follow other advice, that's by far your right and you certainly are not going to offend me because I am not on a quest to prove anything nor have a massive ego to stroke. If it ain't broke, don't fix it :) In the mean time, I'll go back to researching what you really asked for ok?
Ask and you shall receive Chris, fourth entry in the page.
dude, your going to need a big tank around 300 gallons for a silver arowana. its simple really,if you cant get than many gallons, there are literally hundreds of other fishes you can get.
A smaller arowana species that you might be interseted is jardini arowanas. Alittle smaller but crazy aggressiveness. It is hard to find tankmates for jardinis are they will try and kill anything that enters the tank.
Public aquariums, often have huge 5000+ gallon tanks with full grow arowanas. Some about 40-60 inches i believe.
Yea you can keep a fish in a small tank, but does it make it As the fish will be stunted.

But anyway, silver arowanas might not be for you. Try really looking into jardini arowanas. One of my favorites, but like i said they will probably be the only thing that can live in that tank besides a plated catfish like a pleco. They are fairly common, and will get smaller than a silver arowana. They look more like asian arowanas than silvers, but jardinis have less and a different scale number and pattern respectivly.

Check out this link on fishprofiles which shows my topic regaurding silvers.
I help clean my friends tank and he has a 50"+ silver arowana with a ~24" cross breed between asian and jardini, and a ~38" clown knife in there.
He built the tank himself out of acrylic sheets and its roughly around 1500g
He keeps it in his basement though because it is extremely heavy.
It is the biggest arowana i have ever seen. The weird thing about it he has never fed them any live fish.

Bigger tank , new fish?

i have a 30 gallon tank with 3 dempseys, a pleco and a catfish thats white and black striped and looks like a Synodontis Decorus Catfish. ok so i figure that around christmas i'll buy a new tank. im wondering what size. i was thinking of a 55, 65 or even maybe a 100 gallon. where could i get tanks that big? aand i want more fish once i get that new tank. what other fish could i get? thanks
it sounds like you are realy into growing your tank space with lots of fish .One word of advice if you are buying large tanks You can house more fish in the same gallons of water if the tank is wider and longer (surface space ) Tanks that are tall but not as wide or long but hold the sane number of gallons can house less fish.
Get the biggest that you have the room and funds for.
I would first look on craigslist or your local newspaper to see if anyone's selling big tanks in your area. They're usually pretty cheap there. Also, check out Ebay to see if there are any in your area for sale (that's where I got my 58 gal. tank). If you didn't find any on those places, you should expect to pay a LOT more for a new tank. Almost any pet store has a selection of large tanks--I would get the biggest you can, especially with the dempseys. If you think about it, the only extra expense really is the extra cost of the size of the tank--but essentially, once you get it going, a 55 gallon tank costs the same to maintain as a 100. I would get the largest you can--you can add more fish and play around with the landscaping better that way. I don't know much about the fish you have, but dempseys are aggressive, so you could probably add Oscars or similar sized fish--remember to not overstock though. Good luck!
Check for pet stores that specialize in aquatic pets and especially those who focus on reef tanks. They should be able to sell you any size tank you want, or at least tell you where you can find one. I'd also talk to them about trade ins to keep your costs down if your present tank setup is still in good condition.
Once you get past 50 gallons, you're talking walls, and not just fish tanks, haha. I'm going to assume that you're in a hours and not an apartment, but either case, make sure you check the weight and keep this sucker on an exterior wall, or one located near a main support to better support the weight. (My mother's 65 gallon tank caused her floor to sag - (almost 1000 pounds for the tank, stand and all the equipment that went with it).
Beyond that, I'd look at going bigger so you don't have to up sizes again later. Get the dimensions for what you think would be big enough for you to work with and expand on but not so big as to be overwhelming and hard to keep up with. If the upkeep isn't as enjoyable to you as watching those gorgeous catfish (I love the Decorus), it's not worth it.
Good luck!
Check your local pet store that deals with aquariums to see what tanks they have in stock or could possibly order for you. As for the fish, check the link below to find freshwater and saltwater species that you seek for your specific tank size once you get it.
I think your best bet at this point is to go to the place you got these fish. If you ordered online, and there are not sellers in your immediate area, then your only recourse of action is to order online. I hesitate to say order tanks of that size online though. Shipping costs will be higher due to weight and handling. You're better off buying locally even if you have to drive a little bit. Lower prices becuase no shipping, and you handle the tank yourself and not rely on someone else.
For a 100 gallon tank, your best bet would be to have your local fish store order it for you. This guarantees an intact delivery and a safer price.
Your Catfish is a Striped Raphael Catfish.
Unfortunately, each Dempsey will get about 10 inches long, so if you get a 100 gallon tank, you are already full. Do to the fishes' waste output (Dempseys and Plecos), and vicious aggression (Dempseys). With those fish, you really can't keep too much else without it getting eaten. Email me if you have any more questions.
EDIT: Oscars are not nearly as aggressive as Jack Dempseys and will soon be torn apart.